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The transactions special interest group (SIG-transaction) are a group of people interested in transactions in distributed databases. We have a focus on transactions in TiKV and TiKV clients (including TiDB, which use TiKV go-client), but discuss academic work and other implementations too.

SIG activites

  • talks on distributed transactions,
  • a reading group for academic papers,
  • discussion of transaction research and implementations on Slack,
  • help understanding and configuring transactions in TiKV and TiDB,
  • support for contributors to TiKV and related projects.

Get involved

  1. You can join us in #sig-transaction in the TiKV community Slack; come say hi! We use English or Chinese. (Recommended)

  2. You can read or join our announcement mailing list, so you can stay up to date with what we're up to.


See If you want to mention us in an issue, PR, or comment, use @tikv/sig-txn.

If you have questions about the SIG or transactions in TiKV, please get in touch with either of the leaders!



Ongoing transactions work in TiKV